The eStation 2.0 is an Earth Observation processing system developed by the JRC since year 2009. The eStation is designed to automatically deal with the acquisition, processing, visualization and analysis of key environmental parameters derived from remotely sensed data. The measurements are, among others, obtained from the SPOT/PROBAV, SEVIRI/MSG, TERRA-AQUA/MODIS and Copernicus Sentinel 2 and 3 Earth Observation systems.
In addition to the processing services, the eStation offers a highly customized web client, made available to different end-users for computing ad-hoc thematic products and environmental indicators. All processing steps are easily configurable allowing the user to modify the generated environmental indicators and to implement new ones.
The eStation has been distributed to the Regional and National Centres in all sub-Saharan African countries involved in the MESA project (Monitoring of Environment and Security in Africa), and is being further developed and customized for the beneficiaries of the GMES & Africa support program.

Latest News

MODIS NDVI and FAPAR products on eStation/online

Dear eStation Users,
In order to ensure continuity for your analysis on vegetation condition status on the eStation, and in view of the end of operations of PROBAV, the following products have been made available on the online platform:
‑ MODIS NDVI at 1km, and related anomalies (zNDVI and NDVId) from the BOKU University
‑ MODIS Fapar at 1km, long‑term statistics (min, max, avg) and z‑score anomaly from JRC E.1 ‑ Unit as in GDO tool
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2020-10-07 15:45:00

Important: end of operations of PROBAV!

Dear eStation Users,

In view of the end of operations of PROBAV (see foreseen for end of June 2020, the LAI, FCOVER and FAPAR products are not received anymore on the eStation.

The NDVI 1km product is still distributed, but will soon be interrupted as well.

The JRC eStation Team 

2020-08-04 08:00:00

eStation2 video tutorials / tutoriels vidéos

Dear eStation users,
We have recently finalized a set of video tutorials, in English and French, to guide the Users in the exploitation of the eStation application!

Available on our Youtube channel and 
Google classrooms, linking to the same videos, to facilitate the access to the material and a better organization.
Indeed we are looking forward for your feedback and suggestions.
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2020-06-10 13:30:00