The eStation is a collecting and processing system developed by the JRC. The eStation is designed to automatically deal with the acquisition, processing, visualization and analysis of key environmental parameters derived from remotely sensed data. The measurements are, among others, obtained from the SPOT/PROBAV, SEVIRI/MSG and TERRA-AQUA/MODIS Earth Observation systems.

In addition to the processing services, the eStation offers a highly customized web client, made available to different end-users for computing ad-hoc thematic products and environmental indicators. All processing steps are easily configurable allowing the user to modify the generated environmental indicators and to implement new ones.

The eStation is being distributed to the National Centres in all sub-Saharan African countries involved in the MESA project (Monitoring of Environment and Security in Africa), implemented by the African Union Commission in partnership with the ACP Secretariat, IGAD, IOC, SADC, CEMAC and ECOWAS, five Regional Economic Groups that are supported by the European Development Fund.



Dear User  As part of MESA stations 1.2.0 bug correction, we inform you that all your stations, already installed and deployed, received yesterday 11/07/2017 an update with a new  e-Station 2.1.0.  package (indice 12)For bug correction detail, please refer to the release note... Read more

Fri, 07/14/2017 - 17:45


As part of MESA stations maintenance and evolution, we are pleased  to inform you that all your stations, already installed and deployed, will receive tomorrow 30/06/2017 an update that installs the e-Station 2.1.0.  Version 2.1.0 represents a major improvement of the application,... Read more

Fri, 02/19/2016 - 17:00